Manufactured aluminum found in coal, pre-dates dinosaurs

MSNBC’s “The Weekly Strange” suggests ancient aliens

Mainstream media rarely promotes the idea that aliens may have ever visited Earth. Indeed, while mass UFO sighting are periodically reported by large news organizations (when they simply cannot be ignored) there is rarely – if ever – any serious follow-up despite the potentially momentous implications. Uncharacteristic of the major news organization’s inclination to treat such other-worldly topics like kryptonite, MSNBC recently posted a video in which the narrator openly suggested that an artifact found in Russia could mean that the Earth had been visited by aliens – and before dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Discovery is not the first of it’s kind

While the video posted on MSNBC focuses on a piece of manufactured aluminum, recently discovered in a piece of coal determined to be 300 million years old, it goes on to cite similar instances in which other manufactured items have been found in coal. For instance, in 1912 an aluminum pot was found embdedded in a large chunck of coal unearthed in Oklahoma. The coal was determined to be 312 million years old.

The recently discovered artfact was found by a Russian man who uses coal to heat his home. The material is still being tested by Russian scientists.



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Is carbon dating “junk science”? Could all of these stories represent hoaxes? Could carbon dating be accurate, but in each of the cases researchers simply made honest mistakes in applying research methodology? Or, as the narrator asks, does all of this suggest that a form of intelligent life existed on Earth far earlier than we’ve traditionally believed? Give us your thoughts in the the comments section below.

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