Russell Crowe films UFO

Actor Russell Crowe has become one of an ever increasing number of celebrities to add his voice to the argument that, it may at least appear, someone is visiting.   In Crowe’s case, he happened to be pointing a camera out the window of his office in Sydney, Australia when he caught some sort of odd, unidentified flying object.  Crowe released the time-lapse images seen in the CNN video, below, and has stated via Twitter that the photos – whatever they represent – were not hoaxed.


3 thoughts on “Russell Crowe films UFO

  1. It is only a matter of time Mr Crowe that all the Governments in the world (Specially EU) will be force to recognize in public the existence of many, many different intelligences life outside there, the problem is that we humans beings will change forever, the pillars of our civilization will fall down ( the power of the Governments, the power of the Vatican and all worshiper religions ) and we will discovery that our entire life and systems beliefs are based in false truths …the only truly truth that will remains is “Love”


  2. Or, as the news reporter stated using advanced terminology, it could be a “Lighty-Uppy Light Stick Thing”

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