Lonnie Zamora case – Ray Stanford reports (audio)

The Lonnie Zamora UFO sighting is often cited as one of the most compelling on record by leading UFO researchers. The single witness, Lonnie Zamora, was a police officer in the town of Socorro, New Mexico. On April 24th, 1964 Zamora was chasing a local teenager who was speeding through town when he heard a roar and saw flames in the southwest sky. He broke off his pursuit of the speeder and headed in the direction of what he presumed to be the explosion of a local dynamite shack. What he encountered was, in fact, dynamite in the annals of UFO history – but it was not the explosion of a dynamite shack.

When Zamora arrived at the scene he observed a strange, elliptical craft on the ground and two humanoid occupants walking around it’s perimeter. The craft eventually lifted off – again, with a roar – leaving a variety of trace evidence. Zamora’s reputation as a good, solid citizen in combination with excellent trace evidence has made the case one of the most perplexing ever.

Lonnie Zamora (left) and investigators at landing site


The following audio is an excerpt from an airing of The Jeff Rense Program (apprx. 2002) which features Peter Davenport and Ray Stanford discussing the Zamora case. Stanford did considerable investigation into the sighting and authored a book on the matter.

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