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In the 1970’s Betty Cash was a successful businesswoman in Dayton, Texas (near Houston). In the early evening of December 29th, 1980 Betty dined out with her friend Vicki Landrum and Vicki’s grandson, Colby. As the three were driving home they observed an odd light in the sky which they, first, presumed to be an airplane. As they traveled down back roads near Huffman, Texas,  however, they noticed that the light seemed to be getting closer. Finally, they came to a point in the road where they could see the object clearly, and, they subsequently described it as a large, diamond-shaped object that was hovering barely above the trees. There appeared to be a flame of some kind emanating from the bottom of the craft and the impression of the witnesses was that the craft was in some sort of trouble.

Frightened by the odd object, Betty Cash considered turning the car around but the narrow road – with wet shoulders from recent rain – made turning around impossible. She pulled the car to the side of the road and exited the vehicle to get a better look at the craft. All three of the witnesses described feeling intense heat from the object. According to the trio, they soon heard the sound of helicopters and counted as many as two dozen military style helicopters circling the area.  Subsequently, UFO researchers found other residents of the area who confirmed hearing helicopters at the time of the sighting.  And others stated that they saw a similar, diamond shaped craft flying over the area.

The heat was so intense that when Betty cash reached for the door handle of her car, to get back in, she actually burned her hand. The craft eventually moved off and the frightened women, along with Vicki’s grandson, continued home.

Illness and eventual death

Later that night all of the witnesses were ill with symptoms that appeared to be most consistent with some sort of radiation poisoning. They had burns (described as looking like sun burn), burning eyes, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea – and Betty, who has stepped out of the car to get a closer look, was the sickest. Cash’s symptoms worsened and on January 3, 1981, she was admitted to a local hospital. Large, painful blisters formed on her skin and she lost large patches of skin, and, so much hair that she was forced to buy a wig. Vicki Landrum’s symptoms were similar, though not nearly as severe. Colby, who had huddled under the dashboard, was the least effected.

From Wikipedia:

“A radiologist who examined the witnesses’ medical records for MUFON wrote, “We have strong evidence that these patients have suffered secondary damage to ionizing radiation. It is also possible that there was an infrared or ultraviolet component as well.”

While Vicki Landrum and her grandson appeared to eventually make good recoveries both suffered from bouts of weakness, skin sores and hair loss. Betty – a vibrant individual who ran her own business, prior to the encounter – was beset by health problems for the rest of her life. After the encounter she was never able to work another day. Vicki Landrum lived to be 84 and passed away in 2007. Betty Cash died at the age of 71 on December 29, 1998 – exactly 18 years after her close encounter.


The interview, below, is from the Jeff Rense program and aired January 16th, 1999. Jeff speaks with John Schuessler, a MUFON investigator who followed the case. The interview was conducted shortly after Betty Cashs’  death.


In this video, for the first time, Colby Landrum – now in his 30’s – talks about the experience (apprx. 27 mins).


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