James Pennistion, USAF (retired)

In 1980 while stationed at RAF Bentwaters, a former US Air Force base located in the United Kingdom, James Penniston had an extraordinary UFO encounter. On December 27th, 1980 he closely examined a small, triangular “object of unknown origin” as it sat on the ground for 45 minutes in an area of the Rendlesham Forest (near the Bentwaters base). The object eventually began moving and, after having risen to the tops of the trees, shot off into the night sky like a bullet. Objects were seen by many witnesses, including the Lt. Base Commander Charles Halt, over a 3 day period (December 26th, 27th, and 28th).

Penniston has become increasingly active over the last decade in urging the US government to make a full disclosure regarding the events which occurred at Bentwaters in 1980.   As of April 2013 he is planning to release a book, written with co-witness John Burroughs, this summer.

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