Month: April 2013

Featured Top Cases

James Penniston in his own words

If one believes the story of retired U.S. Air Force Sargent James Penniston he, certainly, had one of the most remarkable UFO encounters in history.   According to Penniston on December 26th, 1980, while on military duty,  he encountered a small, triangular craft sitting on the floor of a forest and examined it closely for […]

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Michigan News News

Whoops! Citizen Hearing on Disclosure taps Carolyn Kilpatrick

Getting smart, ordinary folks to consider the idea that the Earth is being visited by aliens – and that there’s an associated government cover-up – is never an easy sell. So it’s arguable that “UFO disclosure” activist Stephen Bassett wasn’t thinking very clearly when he, or his organization, approached former State Representative Carolyn Kilpatrick to […]

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On the Fringes

Psychic says sex with aliens is unbeatable

Stephany Cohen: assisting the abduction skeptics While the ITV interviewer refers to Stephany Cohen’s story as “utterly fascinating”, to serious UFO folks Cohen’s story seems more the manifestation of an overactive imagination or, possibly, an indicator of some diagnosable personality disorder; it’s more disturbing (and counterproductive for serious UFO researchers) than fascinating. Her’s is the […]

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FBI document says three saucers crashed

Nowadays the most popular document in the FBI’s electronic reading room is a single page memo, written in 1950, dealing with the crash of three UFOs. Released under The Freedom of Information and Privacy Act the document was sent to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, from special agent Guy Hottel, and details the crash of […]

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