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This web site, one of many which I design and host, is in it’s embryonic stages. Please forgive (1) it’s current lack of meaningful content, and (2) it’s general disarray. However, of the various web sites which I run this is a site which I simply had to assemble. I’m a pretty ordinary individual who, in 1994, had a very close encounter with something that was unlike anything I have ever seen. While I merely saw something incredibly odd (and mammoth….and only about one hundred feet away – almost directly above my car) some friends of mine had a much stranger experience that morning. And they were honest, ordinary, good people. My friends were two female co-workers traveling, in a car, on the same freeway. Further, while their account was merely an anecdote  it was mirrored in remarkable detail by the experiences of two other car-pooling women. I learned about the other women by chance, after calling a MUFON investigator. MUFON is an acronym for Mutual UFO Network (I’d never heard of them in my life, until all of this).

Besides my own sighting, which was strange enough, the stories of the two sets of women – which, as I’ve said, mirrored each other in many ways – was incredible.  Bear in mind that these four women were not aware of each other’s stories.  In a rather unique confluence of events, I learned of both stories and informed my friends that another set of women had experienced something remarkably similar.


My Views on the Phenomenon

It’s easy, after seeing what I’ve seen (and hearing what I heard, from my friends) to rush to the conclusion that we’re being visited by aliens – plain and simple. And immediately after this event, that was my view. Now, after having immersed myself in the subject (reading, and, listening to various speakers) I am far less certain about what might account for such sightings. Many people for whom I have a great deal of respect believe that such objects could be from another dimension, or, from another plane of reality. Others have theorized that they are time machines – that we are them, and vica versa. And there are other theories, as well. I think that the most that we can really say, at this point, is that the are unidentified. They represent an incredible mystery for mankind.

But, regardless of what these things are, this event changed a lot of my personal views about many things. Whereas I had previously trusted the government and generally presumed that on most subjects they were telling the truth, I am now far more skeptical of “official sources”. And, I am far less judgmental when individuals share a story that involves something like mysticism, or, some other alternate view of reality (that, at one time, I would have rejected as totally silly). Who am I to judge? I know better than to judge, now. It has been made clear to me that there are things that exist that we simply do not understand. While I don’t simply believe everything people tell me I am far more inclined to give folks the benefit of the doubt, now, when they tell a story that seems extraordinary.


My Experience

I’ve always written, as a hobby, and even had one short story published (many years ago) in a small literary magazine. Perhaps oddly, it had never occurred to me that I should write all of this down. Then, seventeen years after the fact, I was downloading an audio file about UFOs from a file-sharing site and told a community member that I’d once seen a UFO. As it turned out the file-sharing “buddy” was a lady who lived in Australia. She was interested in hearing the details and asked me if I’d write it down and send her a link. For reasons best examined on a therapist’s couch, I suppose,  I’ve felt like an “outsider” almost all of my life – someone standing on the outside, looking in. All of my best relationships have always been with four-legged friends. And, this was a story that certainly would distance me even further from a lot of people. But I was fifty-seven-years-old and decided. “What the hell…’s the truth.” I’ve always been a pretty big fan of the truth…..

I wrote this “memoir”, of sorts, in the form of a fairly lengthy article. It was a complicated affair, and, I simply didn’t know how to explain it any other way.

Read the article: A UFO tale

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